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   Emerson UPS Systems Product Review

Emerson UPS Systems Product Review

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When Power Backup Is Required, Emerson UPS Systems Offers a Variety of Products

Emerson Liebert UPS Product ReviewAs industries become increasingly reliant on computer technology to perform daily tasks, protecting integral company data and equipment becomes more and more urgent. One way to ensure that operations are not affected by an unexpected loss of power is through uninterruptible power supplies, also known as UPS.


Emerson UPS systems are one provider of devices intended on saving crucial company info, as well as ensuring that computer networks can be shut down in the appropriate manner in the event of a full-scale power outage. In some cases, the ability to correctly shut down computer systems can be essential to maintain the integrity of a computer network. Power outages can not only result in a loss of important data, they can also have a disastrous effect on the computing hardware a company needs to perform daily functions.


Company Background


Emerson UPS systems is a leader in offering effective computing solutions that address a number of relevant issues related to power backup. Emerging in the early 2000s as a division of Emerson Electric Company, the primary goal of Emerson UPS systems is to offer user-friendly methods of ensuring a company’s computer bank remains secure no matter what may occur.


Emerson UPS systems specializes in devices that offer auxiliary power solutions in the event of an outage. Causes of outages can include everything from inclement weather to malfunctioning equipment, and as a result of these occurrences vital hardware and devices may be damaged irrevocably. The Emerson UPS systems’ product line includes uninterruptible power supplies that can prevent the loss of crucial company data, as well as protecting costly hardware from being damaged by an unexpected power outage.


How Does UPS Work?


Unlike standard auxiliary backup systems, uninterruptible power supplies feature a near-constant source of power that can allow vital operations to continue in the event that a power outage is imminent. This can be extremely important for select industries, where loss of power can contribute to everything from steeply declining revenue to public safety issues.


A UPS has a relatively short lifespan, but in most cases this period is long enough to enable vital backup power to be initiated. A UPS can also offer time to perform crucial steps to ensure data remains protected before a full-scale power outage occurs. This window of opportunity can make all the difference between saving relevant data and losing this information forever.


Types of UPS Products Offered by Emerson UPS


Depending on a company’s needs, one UPS product may be preferable to another. The following are a few of the items offered by Emerson for the express purpose of supplying backup power in the event of a facility-wide outage:


  • Desktop/Workstation UPS – Depending on the industry, a single workstation could be tasked with performing many critical operations that may be impeded in the event of a power outage. Fortunately, workstation UPSs offer a continuous power source for a range of hardware. Such backup power suppliers offer smaller range of capability, making them more affordable to small business entities and the like.


  • Rackmount UPS – For those at the helm of data centers and other computer-intensive businesses, rackmount UPS systems are preferable because they offer the ability to power more devices from a single piece of hardware. In the case of larger computer networks, such as those necessary for the IT industry or other large-scale operations, a rackmount system can offer the level of protection necessary to ensure daily functions are secure.


  • Network UPS – For many companies, a functioning computer network is integral to maintaining efficient operations. If a network is rendered inaccessible even for a relatively short period of time, it can have disastrous effects on future operations. A network UPS can ensure crucial company networks remain accessible no matter what occurs. Network UPSs can offer auxiliary power to things like servers, routers, bridges, hubs, and other vital network components.


  • Power Management Systems – For those entities with a number of computing devices, power management can be an important issue. Thankfully, there are devices that can ably handle power management to ensure more efficient computer usage. These devices are tasked with dispersing power on an as-needed basis. As a result, power will be used more efficiently, entailing less wasted energy and more resourceful computing overall.


Common Uses for UPS


While not every company or industry may be in need of a UPS, they can be highly beneficial in a number of circumstances. Nuclear power plants are just one example of the important role a UPS can play. Most of the operations at a power plant are automated; this means a failure of power can result in a large-scale catastrophe. As a result, a reliable form of auxiliary power is necessary to ensure important functions can be performed without interruption. A standard source of backup power, such as those offered by auxiliary generators, may not be sufficient in this instance.


Other industries require consistent backup power for different reasons. Brokerage firms necessitate constant communication to stay abreast of market trends and developments. Therefore, a power outage could have devastating financial results on a firm if connectivity can’t be restored right away. A UPS offers a firm enough time to make alternate power arrangements before connectivity is lost. Of course, these are just a sampling of the types of companies and industries that would benefit from a reliable source of backup power.


Computers are a necessary component of the business world these days, and companies must ensure both their equipment and data remain protected. Emerson UPS systems offers an array of devices that can mitigate the ill-effects caused by large-scale outages, no matter the cause.



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