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   Generator Maintenance from Titan Power, Inc.

Generator Maintenance from Titan Power, Inc.

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Did you know Titan Power provides comprehensive and cost effective stand by generator services? We provide maintenance and repair services on most major brands including Caterpillar, Cummins, Katolite, Kohler and MTU Onsite Energy.

Titan Power offers the following generator maintenance services:

Generator MaintenancePreventative Maintenance Inspections: Titan Power’s preventive maintenance services on emergency generators include total systems inspections performed to rigid parameters that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. Planned Minor and Major Inspections ensure your critical power will be there when you need it. Read more…

Load Bank Testing: Most manufacturers recommend that you a load bank test be performed on the generator annually to ensure peak performance. Load banks allow generators to be tested at their rated capacity. You may ask why this is important if your critical load doesn’t equal your generators capacity. The simple answer to this is you can’t predict how your generator will react in an emergency unless it is run to its rated load and given the opportunity to perform. Read more…

Repair Services: Titan Power offers personalized service to facilitate repairs and modifications to your emergency generator. Count on our trained and certified technicians for expert service, troubleshooting, quality parts, and power systems support.

Emergency Dispatch: Titan Power provides emergency on-call dispatch service for situations that require immediate action. Simply call our 24/7 Emergency Dispatch Center at 1-800-509-6170.

Generator MaintenanceService Maintenance Agreements: Titan Power offers Single and Multiple-year Generator Maintenance Agreements. You may customize your generator service agreement based on your needs to include quarterly, semi-annual, and annual maintenance frequency options, including regularly scheduled load bank testing. Request a quote



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