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   How Flash Storage Has Changed the Face of Enterprise IT

How Flash Storage Has Changed the Face of Enterprise IT

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Enterprise-class IT, or enterprise IT as it’s commonly known, refers to a combination of the hardware and software systems that have been designed to fulfill the needs of large organizations. As its name suggests, this type of IT system is used in situations that require a great deal of processing power. Those qualities that describe any type of IT system are expected to be present and fully functional but to a greater degree than found in smaller systems. For large and complex organizations, the IT requirements for performance, security, compatibility, reliability, availability, and scalability are a driving force behind productivity.


The Evolution of VDI

The virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that was once the norm for the biggest projects and organizations has evolved to keep up with current advancements in the technology. As networks and storage have been changed by the rapid evolution of digital business technology, VDI offerings include the use of all-flash storage. With the introduction of flash storage, the end users will enjoy much higher levels of performance.


How Does Flash Storage Fit?

To truly understand the benefits of flash storage, it’s necessary to understand what it is. Most people are probably familiar with flash drives. Basically, flash storage is any kind of storage system or data repository that runs with flash memory. The storage memory is a form of electrically erasable, programmable, read-only memory, but it is a non-volatile memory type. This is an advantage because it means that no power is required to keep the stored data intact. The flash technology is able to erase large blocks of data at once and can rewrite without completely erasing older data.


The Benefits of Flash Storage

Another advantage of flash storage is that its increased performance does not require a correlating amount of increased cost. High levels of data reduction and lower storage costs translate into savings at the data center in physical space, power, and cooling. This translates into a storage solution that is very cost efficient. You’ll find that the systems provide higher levels of data control and management. New layers of data abstraction provide deduplication, acceleration, and data encryption. Flash storage offers seamless integration with the cloud and with virtualization layers. Plus, this storage solution comes in a tiny package.


Solutions for Enterprise IT

If your large business has outgrown your old IT system and you’re ready for enterprise IT, give a thought to flash storage. This vital part of large, capable hardware and software systems and modern storage management provides organization IT departments with a new and evolved solution.




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