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   How To Create a Successful Corporate IT Department

How To Create a Successful Corporate IT Department

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googledatacenter1Corporate IT departments are complex and critical to the success of any business.  In today’s world, technology is constantly evolving, more and more is being done in the online environment and customers are demanding constant uptime.  A corporate IT department, run by a CIO, needs to stay on the cutting edge and meet demands to stay effective and successful.    The successful CIO will undoubtedly be a trendsetter by nature, driven by technology and all of its constant changes.  To be anything else will leave the CIO, and the entire IT department, reactive in its approach.

Because IT departments demand a lot of time and money for any business, their expenses and budget are often under great scrutiny.  Infrastructure changes often which leads to constant expense and, in the corporate world, the expense could be significant, particularly for companies with hundreds or thousands of employees.  One step to achieving a successful corporate IT department is to try to limit IT infrastructure expenses to around 50% of the budget, as opposed to the more common 70% of the budget.  In today’s workforce most companies are dealing with a wide-range of technology knowledge amongst their employees but, the great majority, are relatively tech-savvy.  This means that when a corporate IT department does not perform as it should, employees are more than aware.  But, that does not mean that there are not individuals in the workforce that are significantly less tech-savvy.  So, how does a corporate IT department manage such a wide employee knowledge and skill base?  CIOs have an important task when choosing a product suite for their business to suit the needs of their employee demographic while pushing technology and infrastructure forward to stay current.  But, when choosing infrastructure the budget must be an important consideration as well so that infrastructure costs do not become astronomically out of proportion to the rest of the budget.  As more and more IT departments and data centers move towards automation and cloud computing, infrastructure can be greatly reduced which frees up more money in the IT department budget.  This is something that not only the CIO can be happy about but that the CFO and rest of the management will be happy about.  To truly have the most successful IT department in a corporate setting, the CIO must lead the ship and carefully direct the path of the department through careful consideration of all products, well-executed management and training of corporate personnel, an eye on the bottom line of the budget, and, ultimately, a technology-driven, cutting edge perspective that is focused on innovation.



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