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   How to Get the Best Return on Your DCIM

How to Get the Best Return on Your DCIM

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Advanced PDUReaping the Benefits of DCIM

DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software solutions maximize efficiency and performance, improve resource and capacity management and reduce riskin one centralized process. These solutions are an investment, so when choosing a Data Center Infrastructure Management solution, it is important to know what benefits the DCIM will bring to your organization.

Energy Efficiency and Performance

DCIM solutions maximize efficiency and performance by integrating IT and facilities management tools to provide a more complete picture of power utilization. This allows managers to better identify variances in power consumption and make adjustments based on DCIM information tosimultaneously increase energy efficiency and boost equipment performance.DCIM solutions can also monitor and maintain the optimum room temperature of the data center. Immediate notification when there is an increase or decrease in thermostat readings allows personnel to act quickly to ensure continued optimum performance.

Resource and Capacity Management

Resources include servers, storage, network switches, power distribution units, racks and the room that houses this equipment. Capacity management involves having the necessary elements in place to maximize the use and performance of those resources and includes the optimization of four distinct areas.

  1. Rack Space

Enough space to house additional assets as they become necessary is essential. DCIM manages rack space by showing which assets are no longer required, which could be combined to free up space for new equipment and which can be reconfigured to make room for additional ones.

  1. Network Connectivity

DCIM also tracks the availability and location of network ports. This eliminates having to physically locate an active network port, and it provides information on where new ports might need to be installed.

  1. Power

Consistent and accurate monitoring and reporting of power consumption by DCIM tools allows companies to operate data centers in the most energy efficient manner possible.

  1. Cooling

By identifying hot and cold spots, DCIM provides information necessary to address thermal and airflow behavior in the center. This allows managers to better utilize the current cooling system to avoid hot spots than can inhibit equipment performance.

Risk Reduction

The top benefit of DCIM solutions isreduced risk of downtime. With constant monitoring of the primary aspects of the data center, from power usage to rack space to temperature, DCIM can identify potential problems, thus allowing them to be repaired before they lead to system failure.

Data Center Infrastructure Management solutions provide a means of streamlining data center operations, which can ultimately lead to cost savings and reduced downtime.



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