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   How To Increase Your Income With UPS System Modernization

How To Increase Your Income With UPS System Modernization

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When your plan A fails, your UPS device is your emergency backup. Reliability and efficiency is vital. As data center technology has rapidly evolved, many companies have relied on essentially the same decades old CPU technology. The fact is, older systems are often just not adequate to supply the needs of modern data centers. When the average data center loses approximately $8,000 for every minute of power failure, neglecting your UPS system can turn into a very costly mistake.

  1. Small Changes can Make Big Differences

Modernizing your UPS system does not have to mean a full scale system overhaul. It can be done within the framework of your existing system to avoid costly disruptions in business operations. The best option for you may not be an entirely new system. The most efficient upgrade may entail replacing key components, which can give your system a much needed boost with minimal financial and time investment. For example,  upgrading your lead acid battery to a smaller, more efficient lithium ion battery can extend the life of your UPS system dramatically, as well as decrease ongoing maintenance costs.

  1. Big Changes can Make an Even Bigger Difference

UPS technology has made huge technological leaps, even in the last few years. Newer models are smaller, faster, more energy efficient, and require less care. While opting for a full scale replacement of a poorly functioning UPS may increase upfront costs, it may save you substantial money and headaches down the road.

  1. Extra Perks

Not only does your UPS system protect you from power outages, which can cost thousands of dollars a minute, newer models also offers a range of other protective features. Modern UPS systems will also function as a high quality surge protector, safeguarding your other expensive equipment.

Other features help protect against instability, voltage jumps, surge protection, battery backup, and other power related problems, as well as increasing integration and communication with other systems.

The Next Step: Bringing in an Expert

Whether the best move for you and your business is full scale replacement, upgrading parts or just providing regular maintenance, consulting an expert will go a long way in helping you determine how your UPS can serve you best. IT professionals whose expertise lies specifically in UPS technology are going to be able to help you determine the health of your current system, and which tweaks can be made to improve performance to maximize the lifespan of your existing system. When your system is no longer capable of providing the protection you need, a professional can also help you determine which new system on the market will best meet your needs.



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