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   Industrial Machines Are Coming To The Cloud

Industrial Machines Are Coming To The Cloud

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According to Gartner, Inc 20.8 billion objects will have connectivity by 2020. The Internet of Things has been highly spoken of as the force behind this predicted growth in devices and data, but silently behind it the Industrial Internet of Things has churned along waiting to revolutionize the world of industry through the cloud.

The Industrial Internet of Things

As various sectors of business attempt to automate or enhance productivity through embedded electronics the integration of physical devices into cloud based computation and storage environments is becoming more common everyday. The Industrial Internet of Things brings the brains of embedded electronics and their cloud based systems to the largest machines in a way not seen before. An article on the GE blog titled “Industrial Internet Success: Union Pacific Railroad” references a particularly interesting utilization of the industrial internet by Union Pacific, of whom installed systems on their trains to provide real time sensory information, which was in turn coupled with weather data, to process and evaluate train line safety by giving warnings of potential derailments weeks before they happen.

Big Data Reduces Costs

The case examined above doesn’t necessarily show the entire scope of the Industrial Internet of Things, but it’s an indication that quantifiable data from hardware systems in an industrial setting is potentially revolutionary. Analysis of big data provided from industrial systems has huge implications for capital investment. This is due to the fact that such systems will lead to a  reduction in working costs, through identification of inefficiency and elimination of potential risks, through objective forecasting of environmental hazards. Through collaboration of data from industrial machines and cloud based storage and computational environments there is great potential for optimizations of business capabilities through the Industrial Internet of Things, as it’s been shown industrial data can cut liabilities dramatically.

These cloud based systems could prove a pivotal moment for large scale industry as issues in the operating environment that have gone unnoticed for extended periods of time, at great cost, can be identified by such big data analytics. It’s only a matter of time before the Industrial Internet of Things becomes a dominant force in the cloud computing world as businesses operating industrial machines begin seeking efficiency provided by analytics of industrial machines operating in cloud based environments.




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