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   Infrared Thermography Is A Vital Component Of Data Center Tests

Infrared Thermography Is A Vital Component Of Data Center Tests

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Data CenterLarge and small data centers have or are connected to server systems, UPS, computer rooms, networked computers, and many other electronics and equipment. All of those large and small businesses must conduct data center testing, especially in the form of infrared thermography, in order to quickly catch problem areas. The use of infrared thermography provides easy to read pictures of where problems lie. Overheated components and areas of air leakage are identified easily and any thermal insulation with defective or damaged spots can be quickly spotted. Choosing a provider for this infrared thermographic testing may be one of your top priorities if you don’t already have one on your team.

Working in a data center you are well aware of the amounts of heat that multiple large servers and a large amount of other equipment can produce. You should also have a clear understanding of how dependent your business is upon all of that technology. Data centers are routinely and carefully inspected and monitored for signs of trouble, especially in the form of dropping or spiking temperature. The main purpose of data center testing, and specifically infrared thermography, is to identify and pinpoint connections, conductors or other components that are becoming too warm or too cool. Either of these circumstances can lead to problems or emergencies.

Most of the problems facing a data center are caused by a handful of situations. Overheating can occur when connections become loose or when they suffer from deterioration. Any area that experiences short circuiting may also become a fire hazard. As machinery experiences overloads, many types of malfunction can occur. At times, components may have been improperly installed. Load imbalances, faulty fuses or breakers, switches which have been damaged and many other unexpected electrical conditions can lead to problems. These problems may not be easily seen without data center testing that includes the use of infrared thermography. And without adequate warning, an undetected spike in temperature can lead to serious and frightening conditions.

Data CenterEvery time your data center suffers from an electrical system failure, you are sure to experience losses. Whether just one circuit is involved or if a major component and system is affected, you are sure to feel the effects throughout budgets, safety procedures, future trainings and productivity. And so the prevention of such a system failure becomes extremely important. Using data center testing to identify trouble areas before they become problems is very important. A preventative maintenance program that involves the use of infrared thermography as part of routine data center testing is a must have for any technologically-based business, large or small.

As you prepare for your data center to be tested, remember that more than just the data center will need to be monitored. Servers are generally connected to many other forms of electrical equipment. Following the trail from servers to personal computers, to sources of power, to cooling and heating machinery should be included in all routine data center checks.

Infrared thermography should be a part of a complete testing schedule for your data center. When it comes to the data center, remember that it is often the hazard that isn’t seen that is the most dangerous.



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