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UPS Maintenance & Battery Maintenance and Repair

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Service Maintenance Agreements

UPS Service Maintenance Agreements

Titan Power provides single and multiple year maintenance agreements across the manufacturer spectrum for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, both Static and Rotary, to help prevent UPS system failure.

7X24 On-site Service

Provides 7 days a week, 24 hours per day of unlimited remedial emergency service with two preventive maintenance inspections per year. Includes 4-hour on-site response time.

UPS & UPS Battery Preventive Maintenance

Titan Power’s preventive maintenance inspections include UPS battery testing and total system inspections performed to rigid parameters that meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications. Following every preventive maintenance inspection, Titan Power will furnish a detailed Field Service Report that includes the status of your power supply and batteries in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Emergency Dispatch

Titan Power provides emergency on-call dispatch service for situations that require immediate action and for customers who need assistance for services or UPS repairs not covered under their maintenance agreement. Dial (800) 509-6170 for around the clock response.

Qualified Field Service Staff

Titan Power is proud of our team of trained and experienced Field Service Engineers. We are confident they will surpass your expectations in a knowledgeable and timely manner. Delivering professional, exceptional, and responsive service is our highest priority.

UPS Batteries Backup Maintenance FAQ

How often should my ups batteries be serviced and/or replaced?

UPS backup batteries should be serviced semi-annually and replaced every 3-5 years, depending on the UPS battery testing results and environment. The hotter the room the quicker the UPS batteries will fail and require replacement. Manufacturer specifications states keeping the temperate of the room where batteries are stored at 77 degrees F.