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   On Site Data Center Maintenance – Battery Monitoring

On Site Data Center Maintenance – Battery Monitoring

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Data center maintenance includes monitoring batteries and testing them appropriately.  You need to find out how much charge is left and how long it will last.  When conducting battery testing, you need to specify the test conditions so you can obtain repeatable results.  The factors involved are method, temperature, load and duty cycle.

data center maintenanceQualification testing is one way to figure out whether a battery is a good fit and it is fulfilling its purpose.  Mechanical testing is another simple test to determine accuracy and environmental testing uses environmental conditions to see how the battery reacts.  Finally, abuse testing verifies that the battery is not an immediate threat to the user.

When it comes to data center maintenance, battery testing is an important factor to consider.  Not having optimal performance of your batteries can cause a lot of money and headache.  Cycle life of batteries can be decreased due to uncontrolled temperature in the area through cycle testing.  Load testing shows whether the battery can produce enough power when needed.

Prevention is key to the success of the battery.  It is important to know the warning signs of battery failure and to test appropriately so you can do the proper maintenance or make the right adjustments.  Having the right temperature is key to making your battery last longer in your data center facility.  Typically, you need to have a regular schedule of checking battery power.

You should have an expert on batteries present for all data center maintenance.  To determine the current state of health of your battery, you need to have a battery analyzer.  This gives you a quick reading on the battery and measures different things.  You can then act accordingly based on the reading

Data center maintenance, specifically battery testing, is an important component that cannot be overlooked.  Without a well functioning battery, your data center could be useless to you.  Through testing, you can stay ahead of any problems and replace batteries as needed before they fail.  Without proper testing, you wait for the problem or failure to arise and then problem solve it by replacing the battery.  This could cause unnecessary downtime of the data center.

With an on site spe t, data center maintenance occurs on a regular basis.  Having a spe t might cost extra money to the company, but with regular testing, it can thwart a potential disaster.  It is all about checks and balances and using the knowledge of someone to save the company money long term.  This can be done through regular battery tests.  Batteries do not last forever, so they will eventually need to be replaced.  It is important to stay on top of this maintenance.  If you do not check the battery and how it is functioning, it could cause an emergency situation to get the battery replaced.  By hiring an on site spe t, these emergency situations will lessen because your spe t will know the ins and outs of each battery in the data center.

With the right spe t, he or she will carry out the right tests on the battery in order to prolong its life and divert potential future problems.  Do not hinder your data center by neglecting the importance of having your batteries tested.



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