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   Places Most In Need Of The Benefits Offered By A Data Center

Places Most In Need Of The Benefits Offered By A Data Center

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There are many businesses that benefit from the usage of a data center.  A data center is essentially a computer center where a company will hold all servers and equipment necessary to keep the technology side of the business running at full capacity.  Having all equipment and servers under the same roof is not the only benefit that comes from utilizing the benefits of a data center.  Other benefits include:


  • Easy maintenance for all equipment
  • Presence of routers and switches to help servers communicate
  • Continuity of business in the event of a failed server
  • Ability to accommodate a growing business


Perhaps the biggest benefit from using a data center is the assurance you have that your equipment will never fail.  Data center design allows for an uninterrupted power supply that immediately takes over in the event of a power outage.  This power supply is unique from a back-up generator or emergency power supply in that it uses batteries to run the equipment.  If you have a failed server, professionals are on hand to quickly fix the problem before your customers even notice there is a glitch.  You will never deal with a network that is down for several days, disrupting your business, when you use the services of a data center.


Although almost all businesses can benefit from using a data center, there are certain businesses and complexes that should always be using the data center services.  Companies with larger networks and more servers are obviously more likely to benefit from the accommodations in a center.


High Security Requirements Of Data Centers Benefit Banks


In today’s economy and volatile banking climate, many banks find it hard to operate.  With regulations increasing, continuous cost pressure, high stakes mergers and acquisitions, and changing business models, it’s becomes incredibly hard for a bank to operate profitably.  In order to remain competitive in today’s world, banks must employ any solution that is efficient, flexible and smart.


Banks benefit from the strong security systems used by data centers to protect not only their equipment, but also the information that is sent through each server.  A bank must be able to guarantee to their customers that their personal and financial information is handled with the utmost security and care, and data centers allow them a higher degree of safety.  Because many banks also offer online services, their information must be available at all hours of the day.  There is no allowance for a failed server or a power outage.  Data centers use techniques and tools that can quickly recover power or fixed a failed server.


Government Buildings And Military Complexes Benefit From Data Centers


Any entity that needs to move a lot of information regularly and quickly can benefit from the use of a data center, and government buildings are no exception.  The more information that is handled electronically, the more servers needed.  When you add more equipment and more servers to effectively handle all the needed information, you then must provide a large space to hold all of the equipment.  Rather than keeping it stored in a basement where environmental conditions are a concern, many government buildings opt to create a data center to keep their equipment safe.


Military complexes process a large amount of confidential information that must be kept from the basic public and computer hackers.  The military also processes information that must be retrieved in the event of a disaster.  Storing the information in a data center ensures that it is afforded the high security level of the center, both physically and electronically, and that information can be retrieved in the event that it is lost or destroyed.


With the large amounts of information that are processed through both government buildings and military complexes, data centers offer a fast way to process and move information from one place to another, to ensure that it is available to all necessary parties at the right time.


Power Plants Benefit From The “Always On” Mentality Of Data Centers


There is no shut-off button for a data center.  And when your plant is working to provide power to a certain geographic area, there isn’t an option to be shut down for a period of time.  If you do find yourself in the event of a power outage, getting power restored quickly is essential to the millions of people who are counting on you to light their homes and keep their food cold or frozen.


Data centers offer the ability to restore power to your network within a second of the original failure, allowing you to pinpoint where the problem is and fix it quickly.  And with a data center, your equipment and information is easily reached for simple maintenance tasks.  Power plants use data centers because this storage system helps you to pass on the convenience to your customers quickly and efficiently.


Casinos Value The Ability To Process Large Volumes Of Information


Every time a slot machine is pulled, that pull is recorded and produces a small amount of data, which is then sent to the server.  At that point, employees with the right clearance know exactly what is held within that slot machine at that exact moment.  Algorithms are then used to determine gambling outcomes and generate random combinations in the millions on that particular machine.  You can see how large amounts of information can quickly become overwhelming and bog down an average server.


The main benefit casinos have when using a data center is the speed with which they can process transactions.  In any given night, a casino is facing a large number of transactions that must be handled and recorded, and then kept on the server for future reference.  Staying on top of all transactions and what is in each slot machine after every pull is a job for an organized and intricate data center.


Data Centers For Every Business


It’s simple to see that any business that processes large amount of information on a regular basis can benefit from a data center.  The less obvious benefits are the high level of physical and electronic security, the ability for quick repairs, and the option to control the environmental conditions for each and every piece of equipment.  Any business can benefit from electronic equipment that runs more efficiently and helps to maximize profits and performance.



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