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   Product Review for Eaton UPS Systems

Product Review for Eaton UPS Systems

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Eaton UPS SystemEaton UPS systems have a proven track record of protecting mission critical hardware by offering power backup solutions via rack-based and standalone UPS. Eaton has a reputation as a highly innovative brand that specializes in power management solutions, and its current line of surge protective devices, remote monitoring solutions, and power distribution units are all highly effective in data center power management and redundancies.

Eaton Products for Growing Data Centers and Existing Data Centers

Eaton has designed a line of UPS systems to meet the needs of a variety of data centers in different stages. Simple redundancies can be added to data centers that already have most redundancies in place, or state-of-the-art equipment can be ordered for newer data centers. Some of the most interesting features newer Eaton UPS systems and power management systems have to offer are the ability to have the systems pay for themselves during the anticipated lifespan of a new data center.

In addition, Eaton has designed products that support other aspects of data center power supply that may not support mission critical applications, such as emergency lighting systems for on-site offices. Eaton UPS systems are suitable for a variety of different needs. Several examples of different Eaton UPS products are listed below.

List of Current Eaton UPS Products

Eaton places a strong focus on product development that will integrate with next-generation technologies and revolutionize data center construction. Current Eaton UPS products include:

  • Eaton 9355 UPS

The Eaton 9335 UPS has maximum battery runtime and power is packed into a sleek tower. This UPS system is a scalable solution for data centers that want to maximize available space. In addition, this product can be equipped with a maintenance bypass switch as part of a power distribution module.

  • Eaton Emergency Lighting UPS

Emergency lighting requirements are part of building codes, including on-site office space in data centers. This emergency lighting system has high capacity and takes up minimal space. It will typically be used in the event of an emergency situation.

  • Eaton 93E UPS

The Eaton 93E UPS is a cost-effective UPS solution. It is easy to install, and it has removable batteries. It is a practical redundancy for less substantial data center needs.

  • Eaton 9390 UPS

The Eaton 9390 UPS has an innovated Energy Saver System. It will often pay for itself in less than five years without sacrificing quality or reliability. It is suitable for the support of mission critical aspects of medium-sized data centers.

  • Eaton 93PM UPS

The Eaton 93PM UPS was designed to be easy to manage. It is a reliable three-phase solution for various data centers.

Different Data Centers Have Various UPS System Needs

Data centers currently have a relatively short lifespan. Eaton currently provides UPS Systems that meet the needs of data centers in different phases. Logically, almost no data center that will be fully functional for approximately another year would warrant a complete overhaul of power management systems and redundancies. However, a new data center could benefit from many different ways by investing in top UPS Systems from a reputable manufacturer.

New data center construction is notoriously costly. The latest energy-saving UPS Systems from Eaton can realistically diminish the amount of outside power used to the point where the UPS Systems save data center owners cost without increasing liability in the event of a power surge. In addition, advanced UPS Systems from Eaton can help new data centers ensure adequate power supply in the event the main grid cannot fully support the data center in the next several years due to unanticipated population growth in the area.

Simplify the Data Center Construction Process

Data centers have historically been designed to work within the parameters of existing utility infrastructure and existing utility capabilities. More advanced options for power supply and power management from Eaton can help mitigate the direct impact a new data center has on existing infrastructure.

The Right Redundancies at the Right Cost

A complete overhaul of the UPS systems and power management systems for data centers is often realistic when all other mission critical elements are in excellent condition. Additional redundancies can support older data centers under the right conditions, and the cost savings can be substantial. A slightly outdated data center may only need a few simple UPS redundancies that have a low footprint to be fully-functional for another several months.

Cost and Reliability Matter In Data Centers

The cost of downtime due to an ineffective UPS system could be astronomical. Cost should be calculated over the anticipated lifespan of a new or existing data center, and risk should be mitigated. Cost due to loss of power can impact more than equipment replacement and repair. Numerous data centers can suffer cost due to downtime in the form of lawsuits, legal fees, and any payments mandated. Poor reliability due to poorly manufactured UPS products can be a substantial monetary risk for data center owners and operators.

Eaton Products Offer Individualized Data Center UPS Solutions

A critical part of innovation is looking at present needs in addition to future needs. Eaton offers a variety of UPS Systems and solutions that can support mission-critical data center functions for current data centers as well as cutting-edge data centers that are not yet under construction.

Innovation does not stop at looking ahead. Eaton offers individualized products that support all aspects of data centers, from on-site office centers to cutting edge ways that reduce outside power consumption and cut costs. Cost is a key aspect of any data center construction or renovation project, and Eaton provides UPS Systems and power solutions that cut cost without diminishing reliability.






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