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Cooling Solutions

Titan Power offers several cooling solutions to meet your facility's unique requirements:

The ClosetAir product offers intelligent heat removal and monitoring solutions for servers, network switches & phone systems in small spaces. The ClosetAir system evacuates heat from small spaces and sends it to either outside corridors or ceiling returns. This system allows the closet space to breathe, creating a perfectly controlled environment for small computer and network rooms that use building air. The unit interfaces with temperature sensors and automatically adjusts fan speeds as temperatures rise and fall. It also provides the needed visibility to cooling capacity, environmental information and alarms. The unit comes equipped with a Web interface that provides remote alarms and management for superior visibility and control of the closet environment.

Dynamic Environments – Providing precise environmental control for areas that house sensitive electronic equipment is of vital concern, as they simply cannot tolerate fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This process becomes evermore complicated due to the dynamic nature of most data and telecommunications centers. Equipment is quite often moved, added, or deleted therefore compounding the problem of achieving consistent and appropriate CRAC/HVAC cooling and humidity balances.
Cooling and heat removal, in the data center and at the enclosure level, have quickly become the most critical factors in data centers. With the exponential increase in deployed servers, heat loads have almost quadrupled in the last seven years, leaving today’s facilities unable to remove such high levels of waste heat. Earlier facilities were designed to support loads of 50 to 100 watts/sq ft, today’s facilities need to support up to 200 watts/sq ft and more.
Taking Modular Air Conditioning to a New Level of Cool. Convenient, space-saving, quiet, high efficiency units provide powerful cooling directly to the area where it is needed.

Data Center Facility Cooling FAQ

Q: What is typically the most efficient form of cooling for a data center?

A: A close-coupled, in-row, chilled water cooling system is the most efficient way of cooling. However, this form of cooling may be the most costly to deploy, depending on the application.