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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Objective and Unbiased Recommendations – Titan Power specializes in the sale and service of both single phase and three phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units. Unlike manufacturers of critical power and air equipment, Titan Power sells, installs and services all major brands of uninterruptible power supply battery backup systems. This is a distinct advantage over both the manufacturer and the competition in that Titan Power can recommend the optimal, most efficient UPS and center UPS battey solution for our customers. This differentiation allows us to be completely objective and unbiased in our recommendations and offers customers a single-source solution for their critical power and air needs. We are able to responsibly recommend the right product, both in fit, form and function, given a customer’s unique budget and requirements. We offer a broad set of power quality solutions that deliver protection for everything from PCs and workstations, all the way up to large infrastructure and complex data centers.

Due to our partnership and high sales volume with these manufacturers, we receive pricing discounts that are unavailable to smaller resellers or end-users. We then pass those discounts on to our customers.

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Equipment Sales & Installation – As a licensed Contractor, Titan Power also provides professional installation services for the equipment we sell including UPS battey installation. As a reseller, this is the value we add that truly separates us from other organizations that just sell equipment. Titan Power has the experience and expertise to manage all aspects of planning, design, engineering, sales, installation, start-up and ongoing maintenance of your entire critical power and air infrastructure. Our experts will ensure your project meets all code requirements and stays within budget.

Uninterruptible Power Supply FAQ

Q: What is the function of uninterruptible power supply for data center?

A: The uninterruptible power supply, popularly known in the industry as a UPS, is an electronic device that supports computers, servers, data communication systems and other equipment during sudden power failure or voltage drop. Data Center UPS battery systems are in a standby mode to instantly provide power in case of brief power outages in data centers or computer rooms. UPS power backups are being used to prevent data loss and/or downtime during short-term power outages. They also have the ability to eliminate power surges, noise, and spikes.

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