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   Protecting Your Data Files With UPS Maintenance

Protecting Your Data Files With UPS Maintenance

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Data CenterMany businesses depend fully on their computer source and the ability to back up files and save them to a main data base. There is a hazard, however, when dealing with computers that require a power source in order to function. Often times, computer disruption can cause fatalities, injuries, data loss or serious business disruption. A UPS, or uninterruptible power supply or source, is an electrical device that allows a computer or output device to function, even if the main power source fails. These uninterrupted power source units need to be maintained properly if they are expected to perform correctly when the time comes that they are needed.

Many UPS units come with standard UPS maintenance contracts and warranties. Depending on the size of the unit, will determine the period in which the warranty is active. Usually, the larger systems are given a 1 year warranty while the smaller systems are given a 2 year warranty. For an additional cost, the manufacturers of the units will offer an extension to the warranty for periods of 5 years.

Under a UPS maintenance plan, your unit will be replaced if it ever breaks down or needs repair that cannot be done onsite. This requires your power supply unit to be removed from your network computer system and then reintroduced once the new unit is in or once the old unit has been repaired. Time is of the essence when this situation occurs; due to the fact that without your UPS unit hooked up to your computer system, you network is at risk of losing your files or having a fatal error of your network program. Because of this, the maintenance plans that are offered by uninterruptible power sources suppliers are often ranked in a particular order according to response times. The response time refers to the period of time where your computer network is left without a UPS unit attached. A four hour response time is considered customary.

When entering into a UPS maintenance contract, many suppliers will schedule preventative maintenance visits on a quarterly basis. They will also include specified replacement parts that are included in the contract in case something should malfunction on your UPS unit. Some other suggested maintenance tasks that your company can perform annually to help ensure the functionality of your unit are scanning equipment for excessive heat, calibrating equipment regularly, verifying proper sharing among modules, testing switchgear, operating the circuit breakers, as well as many other important tasks. Quarterly, your company should be inspecting the environment where the UPS is located and checking for cleanliness and security as well as checking air filters, proper air movement, verifying alarm status and indicator lights.

Help to ensure that your business does not fall victim to data center outage and data loss. By checking your uninterruptable power source equipment on a regular and scheduled basis, you can help to protect your data as well as elongate the life of your UPS unit. Because this unit can be a costly expense to your business operations, it is a good idea to take great care of it and enter into a secure warranty and service maintenance contract with the unit’s supplier.



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