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Data Center Emergency Backup Power Maintenance & Repair

Titan Power understands emergency backup power and air systems are designed to integrate and interact seamlessly within a facility to ensure operations continuance and uptime during utility outages. Most outages within a data center or mission-critical IT facility are preventable, as backup power systems are put in place to preserve uptime. Whether it’s service for a single computer closet or a large data center, Titan Power has the technical expertise to deliver high reliability and performace required by technology in the modern workplace.

We offer maintenance service agreements to help prevent UPS system failure, across the manufacturer spectrum. Upon completion of all of our service visits and UPS repairs, comprehensive Scopes of Work and Electronic Field Service Reports are emailed directly to you. Each customer is also given access to a password-protected online portal to view their equipment, contracts, history, recommendations and proposals.

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UPS Maintenance & Battery Maintenance and Repair

Titan Power UPS maintenance service tests all UPS batteries and review of the total system in order to detect and correct potential issues before they cause problems in a data center -- including lost power, corrupted data and system failure.

Generator Maintenance and Repair

Titan Power offers minor and major preventive maintenance inspections on emergency generators. Maintenance service meets or exceeds manufacturer service requirements.

Computer Room A/C Maintenance and Repair

Titan Power provides service and maintenance of precision cooling products that provide the precise, year-round cooling required by sensitive electronics while protecting them from the environmental hazards of dust, temperature and humidity.

Power Distribution Unit Maintenance and Repair

Titan Power offers comprehensive preventative and predictive maintenance programs for Power Distribution Units (PDU) for single and multiple year maintenance agreements.