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   The Advantages Of Uninterruptible Power Supply

The Advantages Of Uninterruptible Power Supply

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data center equipmentWe depend greatly on our computers. Whether for business or personal use, our computers hold a lot of valuable information which enables us to fulfill tasks of all sorts. We use them for our careers, hobbies, and for communicating to important people in our lives. It’s amazing how the computer has connected the entire world. It is important to ensure that our computers are protected from anything that can cause them to malfunction such as power outages. In the case of a loss of power, if your computer is running you could lose unsaved data. This is why it might be important to invest in an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS. A UPS is an electronic device that is capable of continuing the supply of power to your computer or other electronic equipment for a certain amount of time when the grid fails. Some models even provide protection from power surges. Generators also can supply emergency energy when the main power source fails. The greatest difference between a UPS and a generator is that a standard UPS is fairly smaller than a generator and less expensive, but lasts for a shorter period of time. Many people prefer a UPS because of its convenient size and price. A UPS is generally used to protect computers, telecommunication equipment, or other electronic devices, yet it can also protect an entire data center. The largest uninterruptible power supply powers the entire city of Fairbanks, Arkansas and other nearby communities. Problems concerning the main power source can appear in many different ways. Voltage can become inconsistent and either spike or pause. Power can fail during storms or when a vehicle crashes into a power pole, knocking lines down. Whatever the reason, it is comforting to know that your data can be secure in the case of abnormal inconsistencies.

There are several general types of UPS available, depending on your needs. The first basic type of Uninterruptible Power Supply is a standard or offline device. It is probably the most common, especially with desktop computers, because it is the least expensive. It has the highest efficiency since it operates in standby mode and only runs when the power source fails. Another type of UPS is a line interactive device. A line interactive power supply is more commonly used for small servers and networks. It is always connected to the output and uses a small amount of AC power in order to keep the battery charged. When the power supply fails, it disconnects the AC input and feeds the load from the battery or inverter. An online UPS is a true uninterruptible power supply since it constantly delivers power through its inverter even when the power source is running properly. Online devices come in two varieties: double conversion and delta conversion. Double conversion online UPS transports all of the power continuously, and even though it is less efficient than standard or line interactive models, it is used in more critical applications. A delta conversion online UPS has a converter that transfers only a portion of the power to the load allowing higher efficiency than the double conversion.

Regardless of what option you choose, it would be a good idea to invest in something to protect your data. An uninterruptible power supply is an inexpensive and efficient way to go. It can be relieving to know that your computer and other electronic apparatuses can be safe in situations you can’t control and you won’t lose the information you have worked so hard to create.



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