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   The Process Of Constructing A Data Center

The Process Of Constructing A Data Center

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Data center construction is a huge undertaking. Many things can go awry along the way. To avoid unnecessary frustration in the form of wasted time and resources, it is beneficial to follow a standardized process. By having a standard process in place responsibilities are clear, decisions remain those that have been previously determined, and communication lapses are avoided. Any party involved in the construction of a data center may do their part excellently, but if they are not functioning as a team, the entire project is likely to experience unnecessary hiccups. Responsibilities and lines of communication are both clarified when a standardized process is in place.
The Process Of Constructing A Data CenterUsing a data center build process that is not standardized or does not exist at all carries a number of hazards. Defects due to lack of process tend to turn up in the late stages of the project, or even following project completion. These defects are rarely the fault of physical components, but rather stem from planning and process failures. Such defects can take inordinate amounts of time to repair and typically involve extensive back tracking. A well designed process has inherent intelligence that guides the project from planning to deployment and on to successful completion. As a result, project time frame is reduced and rework is successfully avoided. This minimizes business interruption and allows the project to culminate as expected, absent of unwanted surprises.
A standardized data center construction process not only brings clarity, it also creates repeatability and efficiency. Having all players on the same page with a standardized process safeguards the project against potentially costly miscommunication. Multiple missteps and common pitfalls are common during the deployment of any construction project. Even small errors can lead to an ineffective final result. Many of these errors and pitfalls can be completely avoided when a standardized process is agreed upon and followed by partners, vendors, and users alike.
Having a standardized construction process does not require the sacrifice customization. Nor does it require that every project be identical. Obviously, not every project will be interchangeable and not every possible step will be necessary in every project. What is important is to follow best practice guidelines that can be adapted to any particular project. A standardized construction process should be organized into modular units that include multiple steps and the tasks that must be carried out within each of these steps. The strategic use of a modular and standardized architecture has proven to produce predictable, efficient, and reliable results. It is used successfully in various endeavors, and aptly applies to data center construction.
Every data center construction project begins with a specific business need. This need may be the vague interpretation of a general business concern, or may not be pointed and highly specific. Once a need is identified, an end solution can be determined. At this point, a construction project can be planned and standardized processes can be effectively implemented. Modular units and multiple steps can be included and all parties can be made aware of the process as a whole. While it may be tempting to dig in and get started, taking the time to plan out the process will pay off handsomely in the form of efficiency, accuracy, and a quality end result.



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