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   Tips for Maneuvering Your Way Through the Clouds

Tips for Maneuvering Your Way Through the Clouds

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If you’re thinking of implementing cloud-based services with your regular data center services, you’ll want to make sure you know what you’re getting into so that you don’t get lost in the clouds. At Titan Power we realize how popular and powerful cloud computing is becoming, be we also know how confusing it can be for data center mangers who don’t know what they’re getting into or how to use cloud-based services to their fullest potential.


Know What You’re Buying


As you’re considering cloud-based services, be sure that they’ll be able to easily integrate with your data center’s existing infrastructure. Before agreeing to a uniform service, look over everything that’s included with the service and be clear on exactly how the service will be implemented with your current technology infrastructure. Ask questions and request an explanation for anything that isn’t clear.


Have a Solid Idea of Your Commitment


You’ll find that a majority of cloud-based services are bought on either a subscription or a pay-per-use basis. There will also more than likely be minimum requirements to consider. Take a look at those requirements and ask yourself if they’re a good fit for whatever cloud service you’ll be adding on.


Know That You’ll Have Access to the Cloud When you Need It


Whether the cloud service is for you, your clients or both, you’ll want to be sure that you can easily and quickly access the service when you need it. As you’re considering cloud service providers, ask whether or not they have secondary servers, regular back-ups and a solid disaster recovery plan. We also suggest that you be sure there’s sufficient up-time during access periods, which includes your peak operation hours.


Full Data Access


In addition to having constant and consistent access to your data, you should also ask if you’ll have your data in a form you can actually use. Another good question we recommend is to ask if your cloud data will be returned to you in a fully usable format if you decide to part ways with your cloud service provider.


Secure Cloud Storage


Know exactly who will have access to your data and where your data will be stored. Any security measures that cloud service providers use should be in full compliance with the most recent data security laws. It’s best that you review data security measures and ask to be made aware of any changes to those measures as well as data breaches. You should also find out about cost remedies in the event that a data breach takes place.


Just as not all data centers are created equal, the same is true of cloud-based services. Titan Power is here to help you smoothly and efficiently implement cloud computing with your data center, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.



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