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   Titan Power’s Crtical Systems Engineer serves on Banner Health Committee

Titan Power’s Crtical Systems Engineer serves on Banner Health Committee

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Bill McCluskey, Titan Power’s Critical Systems Engineer & Senior Project Manager, has been invited to participate on Banner Health’s Construction Committee. Supported by Banner’s Network Integrator Group, the Construction Committee researches and designs infrastructure support systems for the critical environment of new expansion medical centers. Its goal is to ensure safer and more reliable care to Banner patients, by implementing and installing the most leading edge technology in their critical technology environments.

As part of the committee, Bill will act as a Consultant in the area of emergency power systems. “The focus is to consolidate efforts to configure a scope with specific characteristics of what is appropriate for the capacity of each facility now and in the future.”

Bill’s contribution will be to ensure that engineering of these systems meet industry standards and include the most state of the art, up to date technology.  Titan Power and Bill McCluskey is proud to participate with Banner Health in pursuing growth opportunities and serving the Arizona Community. 



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