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   Titan Power’s Responsiveness Eases Crisis Caused by Thermal Runaway

Titan Power’s Responsiveness Eases Crisis Caused by Thermal Runaway

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Fire damage in battery cabinet
Fire damage in battery cabinet

Titan Power, Inc, in Phoenix, AZ designs, installs and maintains all components of uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and batteries. They are distinguished within the industry for their rapid response and thorough system inspections.  A recent client response scenario illustrates a number of reasons why Titan Power customers are so loyal.

At the initiation of a new contract, a Titan Power UPS and battery maintenance customer indicated they had just had an inspection by the UPS manufacturer, so the client suggested a three month delay before scheduling the first Titan Power maintenance.  Before Titan’s first scheduled inspection, however, a fire broke out in the UPS/battery area which required the

Phoenix Fire Department’s intervention.  Within minutes of receiving the emergency dispatch, Titan’s experienced technicians were on site. Upon review it was discovered that the fire had originated in the battery cabinet, and that the manufacturer’s representative had not performed a thorough inspection of the batteries just two weeks prior to the fire.  One or more batteries in the “string” were not functioning properly, and the result was a fire and “thermal runaway,” which was caused by the extreme heat generated by the failure.

Fire damage on batteries
Fire damage on batteries

Titan Power ordered replacement batteries on the spot, and was able to remove the fire-damaged debris, deliver and install 160 new batteries within 24 hours.  The customer’s interruption of critical services was held to a minimum, due to Titan Power’s outstanding supplier relationships and their culture of responsiveness.  Read entire article.

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