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   UPS Modernization Is a Must for Growing Companies

UPS Modernization Is a Must for Growing Companies

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You need to keep your office running 24/7, and that means critical infrastructure has to remain online and accessible. Just same, everything ages and as components wear down, you are increasingly exposed to the risk of downtime. It is invaluable to your company to upgrade critical components or even your entire system from time to time. Although this course of action may raise concerns, it is not always necessary to disrupt your UPS.

Data Centers Are Critical to Company Function

Today’s online economy is pushing all companies to be more digitally streamlined and competent;if your system fails, productivity grinds to a halt. A power failure to the data center prevents communication between employees, customers and vendors and results in lost data. If the backup power system fails to operate, you may be left in the lurch until ordered parts can arrive, and these may not always be immediately available. You can build redundancy to protect your data center, but this adds to your cost and only delays the inevitable. Technology is rapidly changing and components become more obsolete or more difficult to service every day. Having a plan to upgrade components when necessary will actually save you money in increased efficiency, not to mention preventing interruption of service.

A plan to maintain the UPS and service and replace components regularly will ensure a continuation of critical electrical power. A UPS modernization plan will give your company a guideline to budget maintenance and schedule component upgrades, as well as receive training and support from the contracted provider.

Upgrading Technology Will Save Money

Technological advances have increased efficiency more in recent years than you may have been aware, which means your company could experience substantial economic return for an upgrade. In fact, you may be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars under your current, under-par system. Even the improvements to cooling systems are remarkable; nearly 30% of energy costs come from this one function.

What you should know prior to initiating an upgrade:

1. You can modernize certain components without the need to replace the whole infrastructure

2. Modernization can be customized to fit any budget and schedule

3. A current service plan shouldn’t discourage any company from pursuing an upgrade. Modernization can be tailored around a service plan to keep you from spending unnecessary funds.

With all of the benefits of modernization, your company should commit to a plan for UPS repair and replacement. The most successful business prepares for the unexpected and is always looking towards the future.





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