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UPS Total Cost of Ownership

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Are you properly evaluating the costs of UPS systems?

When evaluating the purchase of a new UPS, it is important to remember that there are additional costs beyond just the initial purchase of a UPS system. Things like installation, training, maintenance and operating costs are a few things to consider in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). A TCO analysis is a good tool for decision makers to use when evaluating what equipment best meets both short and long-term budgets. It is often thought that the lower the purchase cost, then the lower the TCO. However, this is not usually the case, as typically the initial purchase price of a UPS and its batteries are only about 25-40% of the TCO of a system. Consideration must be given to things like UPS efficiency, cooling & maintenance requirements, and component replacement costs.

Click here or on the image to the right to view a list of things to consider when evaluating the TCO of a backup power system.

Powerful TCO Calculator

Additionally, Eaton, a major manufacturer in the backup power industry, offers a powerful calculator to help you quickly determine TCO, as well as payback time in years. Click here or on the image below to enter some basic data to establish the Total Cost of Ownership of your UPS.

Case Study – Vee Quiva Casino

Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino is a located in Laveen Village, AZ; a short drive from Phoenix. It offers five dining options and entertainment lounges with a variety of gaming options. The casino needed to replace a problematic aging UPS system, as well as needed a system that provide more power.

Vee Quiva had reach capacity with current UPS. The casino required more power for future expansion to support the casino and hotel. Titan Power was contracted to install new UPS system and demo existing system. Titan Power presented a solution to replace their aging system that would meet their needs and fit into existing space. During installation consistent power needed to be maintained to support the hotel and casino facilities.

Titan Power setup a 1200 kW UPS rental to support the casino and hotel during installation. Titan Power presented solution to install:

  • Toshiba G9000 UPS with lithium titanate batteries
  • Toshiba SCiB batteries arranged in Toshiba 2P12S type 3-23AH SCiB energy storage modules
  • The batteries come with a 12-year warranty and included in the warranty is PMI every three years.

The rental UPS was installed and tested to insure it was working properly. The load was then transferred to the rental UPS. The legacy system was then demoed. After demo was complete the Toshiba G9000 and lithium batteries were set up and installed. After setup was completed the system was tested for two days before the load was transferred to the new system. The life expectance of the system, cost of ownership and reliability was the key factors for Vee Quiva to select the Toshiba system with the lithium batteries.

Contact Titan Power for more information on the relevance and impact of each TCO component. Whatever your backup power needs are, Titan Power is here to help.

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