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   Vital Safety Tips for Computer Data Rooms

Vital Safety Tips for Computer Data Rooms

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No matter how safe and harmless your computer data room might look, you have to always keep safety in the front of your mind in order that your computer room can remain fully functional and continue to operate at peak efficiency. Data Center Journal has a few essential safety tips that you can put to good use to reduce safety hazards and avoid lost wages, injuries, medical expenses and reduced productivity.


The Importance of Proper Training


If you have employees working in your computer data room, it’s essential that you make sure they are properly trained. Require your employees to attend and complete certified safety classes, make sure new employees are either trained or accompanied by more experienced employees and keep an organized log in order to make sure that everyone is following the proper safety measures. You might also want to consider appointing an employee who is in charge of walking through the computer data room to ensure that insulated tools are being used and that the programs are running correctly.


Inside of the Computer Room


It’s recommended that you check your fire and flow alarms once a month and make sure they have working batteries. If there are any holes in your floor that could be fallen into, you are required by OSHA to install either a toe board or a railing around the hole. All cabinets and server racks should be properly secured and grounded, otherwise they might fall over during the loading or unloading of heavy equipment. If you have any racks or cabinets that are on castors, it’s best that you make sure they are castors that can adequately handle the weight that you’ll be adding to them. Since castors increase the enclosure’s center of gravity, there’s a chance that they can tip over.


Pay Attention to the Outside of the Computer Room


Make sure the exterior of the computer room is just as safe as the interior of the room. Specifically, all of your battery rooms should have hydrogen gas detectors as well as fans so that there is proper air exchange. All of your battery rooms should also have deluge shower and eye wash stations for contamination incidents. It’s important that the shower stations have a water flow alarm hat that can be observed in a master control room or guard station. There should also be a fully stocked first aid kit outside of the computer room.


If you’re looking for ways to make your computer data room operate more efficiently, consider brushing up on your safety tips. Reach out to Titan Power Inc. for more tips and advice.



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