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   Ways to Ensure Security Within a Data Center

Ways to Ensure Security Within a Data Center

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datacentersecurity2If you are designing a data center, one of the most critical issues to focus on is security. There are an abundance of threats that the data center will face, some of which can be prevented with proper planning. Hackers, disgruntled or careless workers, and even weather-related disasters can all wreak havoc on a data center. Not only can this lead to data loss, but theft of sensitive information and many other types of damage. In order to prevent these intrusions, it is a good idea to act before something occurs. When the data center is prepared for an emergency scenario, the damage will likely have less of an impact. Although it might cost more to do everything you can to increase security, the investment could pay off very well in the long run by addressing (or even preventing) complications.


The risks that data centers face include everything from seasoned criminals breaking in to employees that don’t pay attention on the job. By taking into account the multitude of problems that could threaten the data center, you will be less likely to experience a devastating intrusion or accident. When workers are aware of the various problems, accidental damage will be less likely and they will be more vigilant. Also, when you do everything you can to keep criminals out, they could decide not to target the facility, and if they do, you will be ready.

Landscaping and Windows

If you want the data center to have a quieter presence, you can employ some landscaping tactics to blend in better. By strategically planting trees or placing boulders, you can make the building less noticeable. Not only will this deter unwanted attention, but it will complement the facility as well. After all, who doesn’t appreciate nice landscaping?

Although windows might seem like a good idea, they should actually be avoided in a data center. The center shouldn’t be designed with typical rooms, where windows are often important. If you absolutely have to include windows, make sure to use glass that is laminated and resistant to bombs. If you have weak windows, this is a huge vulnerability that any potential intruders are likely to notice.

Entry Points

Every point of entry and exit should be watched at all times. Make sure that you know exactly who is going through entry points and record their movements. Not only could this come in handy in the event of a fire, but if a security issue ever arises, you will know which people were in different parts of the building at a certain time. Furthermore, you should reduce the number of entry points. Not only will this be less expensive, but much easier to control as well. For example, it could be a good idea to only have a front and back entrance.


Make sure you have top-notch authentication. For example, with biometric authentication, such as scanning a fingerprint, the building will be much more secure and the likelihood of unauthorized access will be significantly reduced. In parts of the building that are not as sensitive, simpler means of authentication (such as a card) could work. The level of authentication should depend on how sensitive a particular part of the building is. If a room houses highly important information and equipment, it is wise to employ strict authentication.

Video Cameras

Fortunately, many people understand the benefits of using video cameras to improve security. Not only are they worth the cost, but they work well. If something happens to the data center, it is extremely helpful to have the ability to see what happened. In order to make security cameras more effective, strategically place them throughout the premises. Plus, you can consider hidden and motion-sensing cameras to further enhance security. It is smart to keep track of all the footage at another location.

Keep it Clean

Although security and cleanliness don’t always appear to go together, people have a tendency to spill food. Of course, when food and drinks are spilled on computer equipment, it can damage them, so make sure everyone understands the importance of eating in a designated area. There are already too many things that can go wrong in a data center and spilling food shouldn’t be an issue.

Doors and Walls

Another way to reduce the likelihood of an intrusion is to use doors that only have handles on the inside. Exits are essential, in case there is ever a fire, but keep the handles on one side. Also, set up an alarm system so that if one of these doors is opened, security will be aware.

Although some people might not devote too much attention to the walls, it is crucial to ensure that nothing will remain hidden on them (and the ceilings). Make sure that there are no points of access that are not visible and that walls go from beneath the floor to slab ceilings.

Get Started

If you want to ensure that everything is done to protect your data center, you should always focus on the numerous ways to improve security. If you haven’t thought about security as much as you should have, start researching and preparing as much as possible. Even after the data center has been operating for years, there are still ways to make the facility safer and more secure. Because there are countless threats that will never go away, security is a constant concern. By remaining vigilant, taking advantage of new technology and tactics, and doing everything you can to prevent and deal with threats, your data center is less likely to suffer from a future attack.



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