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   Wearable Technology Fueled By The Cloud

Wearable Technology Fueled By The Cloud

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cloud_computing_2013_censusTechnology continues to deeply integrate itself into our everyday lives.  Wearable technology is quickly becoming commonplace, something you see on everyone.  Business Insider reports on just how rapidly wearable technology is growing, “In just a few years, there could be more people using wearable tech devices than there are in the US and Canada. In a note to clients on Monday — alongside initiation of Fitbit coverage — Piper Jaffray’s Erinn Murphy and Christof Fischer stated that “wearable technology will be the next generation of devices to transform how individuals consume and use information.” Murphy and Fischer estimate the wearable tech category will grow from 21 million units in 2014 to 150 million units in 2019, a 48% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). This growth will largely be fueled by wrist wearables like smart watches and fitness bands.”  Typically, when you think of the cloud you probably think of data centers managing vast amounts of information, storing and analyzing data to better improve business practices and providing an important efficiency improvement for data storage.  While all of these things are accurate, those kinds of things do not really directly touch the consumer in a tangible way.  But, as technology continues to evolve and more and more wearable technology enters the marketplace, the cloud is quickly integrating itself into the consumer’s daily life.

When one looks at something like Google Glass, the Apple Watch, or the Fitbit, they probably do not immediately think of the cloud.  But, the cloud is an integral part of wearable technology.  Why?  because people are not simply interested in cool technology, they want that technology to actually improve their lives, make things more simple and provide a service.  This cannot be accomplished without the cloud because the cloud collects the data from these wearable technologies, stores the data, analyzes the data and then uses the data for the benefit of the wearer.  This is what makes wearable technology so exciting and desirable to consumers.  Wearable technology, in essence, performs a service because it collects the data and then stores, analyzes or uses it in a beneficial and helpful way.  These technologies are not simply for entertainment and personal use but also for the workplace as well.  Because wearable technology can also improve careers and facilitate better work it makes them even more valuable.  The better the cloud service, the more accurate the data collection and analysis is, the better the overall product will be, and thus, the more successful and marketable the product will be.  Therefore, it is critical that quality cloud service work closely with wearable technology as the world becomes more and more dependent on the services provided by and features of wearable technology.



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