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   Why Preventative UPS Maintenance Is Important

Why Preventative UPS Maintenance Is Important

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Data CenterEveryone, to some degree or another, is dependent upon the technology of today in one way or another. Whether you have a website that offers goods or services or write code for a living, the technology you use is vital to your success and ability to do your job in the most efficient manner possible. It is because of this reliance on technology that many people opt to employ the use of UPS batteries for their most integral systems. A UPS, also known as an uninterruptable power supply, is a device that provides power to your equipment when the usually used means of powering it fail. Things like power outages in the city, or even in the building the hardware is physically located in can result in these types of failures. With the UPS placed correctly, power will continue to flow to this device for as long as the specific type of UPS employed is able to provide it with backup power. The benefits here are obvious and immediate, and it is for this reason that proper preventative UPS maintenance should be administered to the device on a regular basis.

As you employ your UPS batteries throughout your environment, you may ask what sort of preventative UPS maintenance is needed, and what you can expect when it happens. Optimally these tests happen at least once every quarter, with some people choosing to do it on a bi-annual basis. Whenever possible, UPS batteries are kept running, even during maintenance. The person doing the inspection will look at the UPS to make sure that it is running as it ought to be. There are often times signals or indicators on the devices, and these will be looked at and responded to on an as needed basis. The voltage and current for both input and output will be reported and verified that it is operating at normal levels. This is very important because if the battery is able to turn on but is not giving enough power to keep your hardware running, then it is as good as useless. Some UPS devices are also able to give information related to the history of the device in addition to the rest of the information, and this would be checked as needed during your preventative UPS maintenance.

Other things that the inspection takes into consideration are the environment where the device is employed. Things like temperature humidity, dust levels, etc. are taken into account and noted for how they would expect to interact with the device. In addition to environmental factors, the physical appearance of the battery is also noted during preventative UPS maintenance. You can expect your inspector to also check things like the cooling fans, to verify that they are operating as intended. Another thing that they may decide to do is to take the temperature of internal components, in addition to removing any sort of dust or debris that is found inside your UPS device. Cables connecting your device to your hardware will have their integrity checked, and any updates or physical repairs will be taken care of as necessary. After your preventative UPS maintenance is completed, you will have the ease of mind knowing that the hardware that your company relies on is safely backed up with a UPS device that meets all industry standards for normal operation. Should something happen, you will then be taken care of in the best way.



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