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   Are You Ready for National Battery Day on February 18th?

Are You Ready for National Battery Day on February 18th?

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For many people, February 18th is just another day of the week. Here at Titan Power, we know February 18th as National Battery Day, a day set aside to recognize the importance of these power sources. Though this day sometimes focuses on the compact batteries used to power household appliances and handheld gadgets, we like to emphasize the sophisticated batteries that are used as backup sources of power for the data centers we design and implement. We know our customers depend on secure and reliable power supplies for their data centers, so we take batteries seriously. Here are a few important things to know about the batteries that support your company’s data center.


Batteries Have a Finite Lifespan


The batteries designed for use as computer power backups are very advanced and are able to store a dozens of hours’ worth of power in each unit. They are engineered to provide a steady and consistent flow of electricity until the main source of power can be restored. These batteries are able to perform admirably and are trusted by companies all over the world. However, batteries have a lifespan that you need to be aware of.


Each battery manufacturer carefully determines the design life term of the units produced. The design life takes into account battery aging features within controlled laboratory conditions. This gives a baseline estimate for consumers to use. In the real world, the functional lifespan of batteries is impacted by:


  • Correct battery selection for the intended application
  • Variable operating conditions
  • Application and installation best practices
  • Necessary and timely maintenance protocols
  • Regular inspection of battery operation and power status
  • Whether a battery is fresh or surplus stock
  • If the battery was fabricated by qualified manufacturers


Customers that depend on a battery backup for their data center must be aware that design life and functional life are not necessarily the same. Though a battery’s functional life can be positively impacted by many of the decisions made by data center technicians, this longevity must be kept in mind from the very beginning. Even a well-made battery that is regularly inspected and maintained will not perform to expectations if it was incorrectly chosen. An experienced data center design team will help ensure that the correct units have been selected.




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