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   Benefits of Intelligent Metering With a Rack PDU

Benefits of Intelligent Metering With a Rack PDU

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Having multiple power units can make your IT structure more efficient, but only when you know how much energy is being used by each track. You have to manage your power capacity by tracking energy use. It’s not only good for your system, but it’s better for the environment when you balance how much power each unit is putting out.

Intelligent rack power distribution units (iPDU) have many added features over a non-intelligent PDU that let you track the voltage, current, power, and energy usage within your own IT infrastructure. Metering helps your organization become more efficient and increase network availability. This option is available at the inlet, outlet, and PDU level. Here are the reasons to choose an intelligent PDU that offers metering.

1. Inlet Metering – This feature lets users see power usage and capacity within each rack to provision equipment more effectively. Your IT administrators can prevent overloading circuits and calculate the power usage effectiveness to boost your system’s efficiency.

2. Outlet Metering – With this feature, you can also see power usage and capacity at the rack, assisting in what the inlet metering provides, but outlet metering helps your team find underutilized servers and to allocate costs usage to specific customers. It also helps identify ghost servers and compare your IT efficiency.

3. Rack PDU Branch Circuit Metering – Practically every system runs the risk of being overloaded, which leads to tripping. When your team is adding more circuits, this feature prevents circuits from being heavily loaded. There is less chance of experiencing downtime from tripping a breaker. If your organization uses high-power consumption components, this helps the data center manager keep your entire system balanced. It sends an alert based on the threshold your team sets up if the circuit is becoming overloaded.

4. Circuit Breaker Monitoring – When you have multiple units, it can be difficult to quickly find a circuit breaker that has tripped. Metering monitors this event to allow your team to quickly reset the breaker and get back to business.

Using an iPDU helps your business grow more efficiently, because you can add units and ensure you won’t overload your current system. You have the knowledge to keep up with your energy needs. Today’s businesses cannot afford to use energy inefficiently. It increases your utility costs, and it keeps your organization from being eco-friendly, which it important to today’s consumers. Take charge of your IT system with intelligent rack power distribution units that give you more options in energy consumption. Use the resources of the planet wisely and save money and time in your company.




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