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   Benefits Of Rittal TS8 Enclosures For Easy Access And Durability

Benefits Of Rittal TS8 Enclosures For Easy Access And Durability

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Stuff, stuff, stuff. It is one common factor that all businesses deal with. And it is all useful stuff, too, because if it was not, it could be thrown away. But equipment has to be stored. Paperwork has to be filed so it can be found later. Parts have to be organized. Computers have to be accessible but protected from damage.

Even dealing with all of those items and issues, keeping a workplace neat and organized is also a top priority. Employees need to be able to get the materials they need when they need them; important papers have to be available for legal purposes; and expensive equipment needs to be kept safe so it can be used. Oftentimes businesses are not really sure what to do with all of these items and requirements. If only you could design a custom place, just the perfect size and perfect design that allows it to work for your needs. Do you need cabinets that hang on the wall or stand firm in the middle of the floor? Do you need shelves without doors or doors on both front and back? Or maybe even on the narrow side rather than the wide one? Do you need doors that lock for security purposes or doors that lift up so they can be moved out of the way during the day? What size would work best for your needs? If you have multiple units can they attach together or can they stand separately? Can they be used indoors and outdoors?

Fortunately, there is a solution that is eminently adaptable to every business environment, every business size, every business need. The company Rittal has practically perfected the solution for you with their TS8 enclosures. These are modular units, which means that they can be custom built to your exact specifications with standard interchangeable parts. So, for instance, you can choose size, door style, mounting style, etc. for your TS8 enclosure and it can all be built just as you want it, but without the expense of hiring custom-built enclosures. Not only that, but the quality of the TS8 enclosures is top rate – so you are getting the style and usefulness of top of the line custom-created enclosures, or maybe even more, but the cost is likely less.

Benefits Of Rittal TS8 Enclosures For Easy Access And Durability

These enclosures are designed for businesses and are absolutely durable and hardy. For example, the frames are created to handle large load capacities, up to an unbelievable 3,200 pounds. The hinges are multi-point and can hold up to 200 pounds just in case an employee decides to hang on the door! Their mounting panels, if you want the enclosures mounted, have a really large mounting surface to make sure that the enclosure will be securely attached to the wall. Because these enclosures are not designed for home use, but for businesses, they are also designed for instant grounding without a great deal of effort. In fact, some of the enclosures come with standard size and rear wall brackets that are ground-ready.

As you can see, everything you could possibly ever have wanted in an enclosure is available in the TS8 system, and if you are even thinking about installing or upgrading an enclosure in your business place, you should definitely look at these by Rittal.



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