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   Data Center Commissioning and Why it Matters

Data Center Commissioning and Why it Matters

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A company’s data center functions as the repository for all information and provides essential computer network support for operations performed by employees. This center is a significant investment and will provide a company with the support required for future growth and development. For this reason, special attention needs to be given to the commissioning of a new center.


Designing and installing a data center is a major undertaking for any organization. This process requires time, money, and attention and may even cause some disruptions in normal business operations. Making this process effective and efficient is therefore important. While some organizations have chosen to take care of design and installation in-house, there are several reasons why commissioning with an experienced team is the wiser option.


Your Data Center Begins With an Idea


A data center exists from the time that decision makers choose to pursue its creation. Each step, from space analysis and power needs assessment all the way to final system implementation, develops the center’s form and function. Each step in this process has to be conducted with precision if the next stage is to proceed correctly. The successful completion of any data center project relies on the successful completion of every step leading up to the finish.


The Expertise of Experience


The Titan Power team has many years of experience designing power centers precisely to clients’ specifications. As a result, we can offer things that most in-house data center development teams are not able to. For instance:


  • Our technicians and engineers have the skill and expertise required to develop innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of your organization
  • We can create systems that work within the parameters of your organization’s infrastructure and resources
  • Up to date best practices and safety protocols will be employed develop the most modern center possible
  • Energy efficiency concerns and questions regarding backup power supplies can be addressed immediately
  • We provide administrative oversight as well as hands-on design services to better address your specific needs
  • Our team offers support for acceptance testing and other essential protocols to ensure reliable function and compliance


Given that an estimated 70% of early equipment failures can be attributed to deficiencies in design, installation, or startup, decision makers should seek out data center development teams that have a proven track record of success. A lot of money, time, and productivity can be lost while the problems are identified and addressed.


We Can Help


If you would like to know more about our commissioning approach, just ask. We want each of our clients to feel comfortable with all aspects of data center design.




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