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   Exciting Opportunity for Data Center Managers

Exciting Opportunity for Data Center Managers

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If you are own or are on the senior management staff of a business that uses a data center, mark your calendar for March 14 through March 18. Mark Evanko, a principal engineer at BRUNS-PAK will be presenting a session titled “Executive Considerations for Data Center Enterprise Solutions in 2016 and Beyond” at Data Center World in Las Vegas. His extensive background in data center architecture and strategy has allowed him to perfect his “get it done” approach that utilizes key techniques such as resiliency and efficiency, making him a leader in the data center enterprise.

The Risks Faced by a Data Center Enterprise

There are some important factors that any business using a data center should take into account. For instance, how does one avoid liability issues if network security is breached? There are a number of things that can be the cause of a network’s security being compromised:

1. Hackers may break into a network in order to access sensitive data.

2. If downtime occurs, anybody who uses the network, even if from a remote location, could be prevented from doing important and time-sensitive work.

3. Data breaches can occur without a hacker even being involved. When data is improperly handled or a security measure is not followed, sensitive information can be leaked.

Preventing Risks

There are a number of measures and strategies to employ to protect your data center and ensure it is operating most efficiently. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are using a third-party provider, they do not have liability for hacking, data breaches, or downtime. If you want to measure the pros and cons of using a third-party provider vs setting up your own data center, you may need to do further research. Topics like this one will also be covered in Evanko’s presentation.

Optimize Your Data Center

At his presentation, you will be given some privileged knowledge, including feedback and considerations from senior committees who have worked on data center enterprise solutions, specializing in the modern marketplace from 2015 and beyond. If you are wondering about the costs and the potential risks you might face as a data center owner, this presentation will be perfect for you.

A data center can be a big boost to any enterprise’s success in a marketplace that revolves around networks and technology. Make sure you are prepared not only on how to set up your data center, but how to administer and use it effectively.



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