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   Finding the Right Construction Team for Your Next Data Center Project

Finding the Right Construction Team for Your Next Data Center Project

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Choosing Your Data Center Design Contractor

Designing and building your own data center is a massive undertaking. Yet that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a task that even small companies can accomplish. Such a decision, while requiring a larger up-front investment, can help you to save money over time from having to pay for data collocation services. Yet even though you feel as though you and your partners bring enough IT and equipment knowledge to the project to be able to handle the build yourself, you’ll quickly find that that there are enough potential problems that can occur with data center development to make working with a specialized contractor well worth the expense.

Potential Problems with Data Center Construction

While your expertise may lie in the understanding of your equipment, it won’t necessarily extend into how to place that equipment in the ideal environment. Any number of unanticipated problems can occur during a data center build, such as:

  • Required modifications to your initial design
  • The actual impact of physical support systems on white space
  • Time sinks that interrupt your daily operations
  • Budgeting concerns

A qualified data center design contractor and its accompanying construction team can help you to avoid these issues by addressing the potential for these concerns during the development stage. Their experience in overcoming these issues can help you keep your project from being wrapped up in red tape and hindering your ability to deliver quality data management services to your customers.

Points to Ponder When Choosing a Contractor

Yet not all data center contractors are created equal. While each may help you to ultimately get to where you want to be, which is operating your own facility, the actual process of getting there can differ greatly between various providers. Thus, you and your management team should focus on the following service aspects when considering bids:

  • Reliability: Is the contractor able to demonstrate to you sufficient resources within his or her team to be able get the job done to your specifications and within your allotted time frame?
  • Experience: Is the contractor familiar with your equipment, and thus acquainted with its comprehensive management needs (i.e., energy output, environmental controls)?
  • Flexibility: Will the construction team be able to effectively manage any requested design changes or unforeseen obstacles and still complete your construction on time?
  • Price: Will the contractor’s expertise come at such as high price as to drive you so far over your project’s budget that you begin to question its practical need?

The success of your data center project depends largely on the skills of the contractor you partner with in its construction. We here at Titan Power have been recognized as industry leaders in the design, development, and construction of data centers. Our team brings years of collective experience in engineering, architecture, technology, and consulting to each project that we undertake. We invite you to put that experience to work for your organization when creating your next data center.



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