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   How Robots Can Simplify Data Center Management

How Robots Can Simplify Data Center Management

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One of the goals for proper data center management is to be as efficient as possible when handling information. It should come as no surprise, then, that robots can improve the industry through simplifying many of the tasks involved in the work. A modern information technology system should exist intelligently and, in a way, on its own. Why? Read on.


The Case for Robots


A typical data center starts at a certain size and grows over time. That growth often requires more manpower, more electrical power and more cooling elements to prevent overheating. Operators in data centers are often challenged with creating the right kind of infrastructure while at the same time keeping energy use to a minimum. There are four main reasons that robots will improve the way these centers run:


  1. Automation


Data center management can require a lot of sorting, storing and archiving. When done manually, it can lead to long working hours and long wait times for customers who need access to certain files. Robots can provide automation to speed up this process and free up employees to focus on other more important aspects.


  1. The Right Temperature


As a data center is essentially constantly growing, there must be a way to determine that there is enough cooling provided for each rack or piece of equipment. Fluctuations in temperature can lead to equipment failure and unhappy customers. An automated system to monitor and control the environment will provide more accuracy in finding a cooling leak or making the necessary adjustments to reduce energy usage.


  1. Reducing Errors


The world of data can be extremely mundane. Storage admins may find themselves making an error due to either human nature or the repetitive nature of the work. In either case, robotics can cut down on these errors. Essentially, there are software robots that serve as policy engines to sort through data and categorize it appropriately.


  1. Supporting Infrastructure


No matter what kind of configuration a data center may use, there are likely millions of different combinations or ways that a piece of information may be classified. When left to humans, a configuration matrix could undergo constant changes, requiring more work every time and the possibility of leaving some storage open for error. Automation provides a simpler infrastructure to use.


In a technology-driven world, robots make for a more efficient and simpler process. Our team at Titan Power knows that this is the future of data center management. To learn more about the way your data is stored and managed, please call us at (800) 509-6170.



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