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   How to Increase Reception of “Bring Your Own Device” Programs For Employees

How to Increase Reception of “Bring Your Own Device” Programs For Employees

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With businesses facing more pressure than ever to implement a BYOD program, it is becoming more challenging for organizations to roll out an effective BYOD program without frustrating and alienating employees. Here are 10 ways to increase the reception and popularity of your company’s BYOD mobility program.


  1. Regular Audits


Use corporate applications and special device configurations to regularly audit employee work activities and communication on their mobile devices without infringing on their personal privacy and activity.


  1. Communication


Inform your employees of their responsibilities and obligations concerning mobile device use. Mobile devices should be configured to prevent abuse, data wiping, malware, unauthorized remote access and control, and any other activities that can put your company at risk.


  1. Data Encryption and Protection


There is no need for any company to sacrifice its IT security with the implementation of BYOD. Enterprise solutions provide management tools to enhance security and maintain separation between work and personal use.


  1. Device Choice


To get employees to embrace and comply with the needs of your business, provide them with an appealing selection of company owned or managed mobile devices to choose from.


  1. Remote Access


All mobile devices should have profiles, applications, content, and authenticity tools that are configured to provide employees with secure remote access to corporate resources and information based on the type of ownership, use, and employee role.


  1. Contingency Plan for Breaches


Incorporate a contingency plan for data breaches. Contingency plans make it easier for your company to recover and mitigate its risks.


  1. Compliance


Mitigate risks by providing, maintaining and updating consent agreements that inform employees about the types of data that is being collected and monitored on their devices. Consent agreements should also include guidelines detailing the type of activity that is allowed on company managed mobile devices.


  1. User Privacy


Implement privacy management tools to protect and maintain the privacy of your employees and company. Privacy management tools prevent personal data collection and enable the user to configure their mobile device to separate corporate and personal correspondence.


  1. Work Resources


To further protect the needs of business, use BYOD mobile enterprise configurations and applications to remove company data and access without affecting personal data and privacy when an employee is no longer with the company.


  1. Employee Morale


Implement a variety of the right strategies and mobility solutions to increase employee morale, compliance, and productivity.


With the right tools, your company can save time, money, and resources without sacrificing the security or availability of its data. Contact Titan Power to learn how our data management and security tools can improve the efficiency of your company’s BYOD program.



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