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   The Benefits and Costs of Going Modular

The Benefits and Costs of Going Modular

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As businesses continue to look for ways to expand their IT centers to increase efficiency, modular data centers will continue to grow in popularity. Organizations that seek to implement these data centers in a relatively short amount of time need to be fully aware of the costs and benefits that are associated with going modular.


Modular data centers are portable data center solutions for businesses in need of quick and easy deployable data center. Modular centers are great because organizations don’t have to invest a great deal of time or money into building extra data centers when they are needed. Modular data centers can be placed anywhere at any time to accommodate an organization’s need for additional data storage, computing and operation.


Preparations Costs


Even though businesses that choose to use modular data centers don’t need to do a whole lot of planning to deploy them, there are still some planning activities that should not be overlooked. Deployment site, assembly and inspection processes must be completed prior to going live to prevent delays ad mitigate risks. Modular data centers are significantly cheaper to setup, deploy and manage than traditional data centers.




Unlike traditional data centers, modular centers come with software and controls already in place, which helps to alleviate the amount of time and costs associated with training, assembling and learning new systems. Modular data centers are essentially optimized to eliminate complex integration processes.


Design Efficiency


Portable data centers are much smaller than traditional IT centers. Traditional IT centers are designed with the current and future needs of an organization in mind. Predicting the future IT needs of an organization can be very challenging due to the dynamics of business, which is why many traditional data centers have unused white space. Some businesses choose to focus on their current needs and end up with IT centers that are sorely overcapacity. Overcapacity and unused white space results in higher operational and energy expenses and reduces the reliability, efficiency, and cooling of the data center.


Modular data centers are designed so that every inch of space is used. Their design is more efficient and denser, resulting in lower energy costs. Modular centers also have advanced power and cooling systems built into them to enhance the efficiency of the center itself.


The total cost of ownership and lifecycle of modular data centers offer organizations a more efficient and cost-effective way to meet their growing IT needs without making any long term commitments that could affect their bottom-line in the future.


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