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   The Evolution of Cloud Computing and Virtualized Data Centers

The Evolution of Cloud Computing and Virtualized Data Centers

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As IT managers strive to find ways to mitigate their network expenses while improving efficiency, valuable time and money is being lost. Many organizations are experiencing a multitude of outages and failures that result in less efficiency, increased downtime and thousands in lost revenue. Many organizations are upgrading their IT infrastructures every few years in an effort to reduce the amount of downtime and outages that they are experiencing. The need for IT architecture that is capable of enabling businesses to evolve and accelerate their data centers is stronger than ever.


Business Demands


It’s no secret that IT departments need to find a way to compute and store more data without using more space, money, and resources. Businesses that resort to using virtualized data centers along with cloud computing software can increase their availability, uptime, security, and performance without creating complex data processes.




Virtualization technology is not new, but the ability to scale and deploy software at unprecedented rates is. The rate that data can be moved, stored, and processed so that networks can operate seamlessly and independently of one another without any additional software is so revolutionary that businesses are trying to figure out to implement the right kind of IT architecture without taking on any of the costs. Organizations gain greater flexibility without sacrificing any of their IT needs to do so.


Cloud Computing


Software lives in the cloud so that organizations don’t have to invest in space to house it. The cloud location of applications doesn’t affect their ability to access the resources they need whenever they want. They can user as much or as little of these applications as they need and only pay for the amount of resources they actually use. Cloud computing enhances the architecture of virtual cloud data centers.


Increased Efficiency


Virtualization adds an extra layer of abstraction making it possible for organizations to pick and choose what they use to enhance their operations, increase efficiency, and uptime without having to invest too much into their own IT architecture and foundations. As more businesses start to pay close attention to the evolution of cloud computing and virtualized data centers, the easier it will be for them to select platforms that will enable them to gradually adapt their networks and infrastructure to meet the growing needs of their organizations and reduce their reliance on expensive and traditional data centers.


The right cloud computing and virtualization software can mitigate many of the risks and costs that are associated with expanding and running IT networks. Contact Titan Power to learn how our data center designs and solutions can enhance the efficiency, reliability and transparency of your organization.



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