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Flywheel vs. Battery UPS

Every data center utilizes a UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply – to ensure that power is always available, even in there is a power interruption.  Minimizing downtime while maximizing energy

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Data Center RTOI

Technology is evolving minute by minute and data centers must work to keep up with the lightening-paced evolution.  We have discussed the Internet of Things (IOT) before – the world

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Data Center Business Continuity

Whether you operate a data center or any other business, business continuity is incredibly important.  We all think we are immune to disaster but the reality is, if you have

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Do You Have a DCOI Compliance Strategy?

The recently established Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) is an important mandate for federal data centers that encourages the sharing of information to encourage optimization of infrastructure and reduce inefficiency

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3 Trends in Data Center Cooling

Data center power consumption is evolving all the time, becoming more efficient but, generally, growing.  While many data centers are making green initiatives and finding ways to make their energy

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Data in Motion vs. Data at Rest

The tech industry loves to uses catchy phrases to describe various processes, innovations and aspects in data centers.  Every now and then, we think it is important to narrow in

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Active Security Monitoring

Security Risks In the wake of many high profile data breaches, from government institutions to retailers, there is an evolving environment in the data management world. An environment that requires

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Managing Data Center Power Costs

Providing energy to servers is a substantial part of a data center’s costs. In many cases this is due to servers running consistently at peak performance in preparation for peak

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