3 Trends in Data Center Design

Every year we see certain trends arise in data center design and construction and, as 2016 winds down; we are able to take a look back at the year and anticipate what may be ahead in 2017.  Data center design … Continue reading

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Securing the Cloud in the Modern Data Center

Ask just about any client what one of the most important things they are looking for in a data center is and you will likely hear, “security” over and over again.  Securing the traditional data center is a challenge unto … Continue reading

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3 Trends in Data Center Cooling

Data center power consumption is evolving all the time, becoming more efficient but, generally, growing.  While many data centers are making green initiatives and finding ways to make their energy usage as efficient as possible, data demands are constantly growing, … Continue reading

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Importance of Renewable Energy in Data Centers

“Renewable energy.”  “Clean energy.”  These may sound like buzzwords – trendy little catchphrases meant to grab your attention and sound good but they are far more than buzzwords, they are the reality and the future of data centers.  As we … Continue reading

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Are Data Center Silos Interfering With Growth?

Every business can experience information and data silos on some level, particularly when various applications and systems must communicate with each other.  But, these silos are particularly evident, costly, and problematic in data centers.  Data Center Knowledge offers one example … Continue reading

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Should Enterprises Keep IT In House or Outsource Colocation?

Enterprise data centers may be a dying breed.  Today we are seeing more and more data centers opt for colocation over enterprise data centers because of the high cost and level of expertise needed to run an enterprise data center. … Continue reading

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Data in Motion vs. Data at Rest

The tech industry loves to uses catchy phrases to describe various processes, innovations and aspects in data centers.  Every now and then, we think it is important to narrow in on those phrases and explore what they mean and how … Continue reading

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The Internet of Things and How It Impacts Data Centers

From time to time we see new “catchphrases” or terminology pop up in the tech world and suddenly they are being used everywhere.  One of these phrases is “the internet of things.”  As we see our world become increasing automated, … Continue reading

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The Cost of a Data Center Security Breach

If there is one thing that a data center is concerned with, aside from maximizing uptime, it is security.  In today’s world we constantly hear news stories about security breaches exposing businesses and individuals to danger such as identity theft, … Continue reading

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Advantages of Data Center Consolidation

In today’s data center world, there is a lot of discussion over increasing rack density, utilizing the space you have without having to relocate, and more.  Working with the space you have to accommodate growing data centers needs and increasing … Continue reading

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