Solve IT Issues in the Field With Prefabricated Data Centers

Oil and gas exploration isn’t limited to hospitable sites near big cities. It’s more likely your business will face harsh conditions like a desert or remote area without access to technology. Even though the terrain is rugged, you still have … Continue reading

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Cloud Connectivity

Does Your Business Have a Strategy for Cloud Connectivity?  Over the next few years, cloud infrastructure spending among businesses is expected to take up more of your IT budget. In 2014, cloud expenditures accounted for about five percent of the … Continue reading

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Rack PDU Power Rating vs. Load Capacity

Understanding Power Rating and Load Capacity for PDUs A PDU (Power Distribution Unit) is an electrical component that distributes power to multiple devices in computer data centers and high energy use areas.Able to handle more energy than ordinary power strips, … Continue reading

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What DCIM Tools? You Mean Spreadsheets and Tape Measure?

DCIM Tools: Beyond Spreadsheets and Tape Measure Data centers aretraditionally made up of two distinct components: IT and facilities. IT is responsiblefor the servers and devices located in the racks, as well as the applications installed on those devices and … Continue reading

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The UPS Debate: A Conversation on High Efficiency, Multi-Mode UPSs

High Efficiency, Multi-Mode UPSs Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are designed to protect against power surges and to keep data center equipment running long enough to power down safely during electrical outages. With the normal expense of powering data centers and … Continue reading

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How to Get the Best Return on Your DCIM

Reaping the Benefits of DCIM DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software solutions maximize efficiency and performance, improve resource and capacity management and reduce riskin one centralized process. These solutions are an investment, so when choosing a Data Center Infrastructure Management … Continue reading

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Which Infrastructure Convergence Is Best for You?

Infrastructure convergence is the grouping of several IT components into one computer package. With several possible components (servers, networking equipment, data storage centers, and software), there are also several different types of convergence. Take a look at the three current … Continue reading

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The Changing Face of the Colocation Industry

In the world of colocation data center services, there has been a lot of change. Some of these emerging trends are really affecting the way that business is done and in competitive ways. The biggest players in the market are … Continue reading

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Inefficient Cooling in Small Data Centers Impacts the Entire Industry

Some of the biggest costs for data centers come from overhead energy consumption, and a great deal of that energy goes toward cooling the centers. In fact, some statistics show that cooling systems take up about half of a data … Continue reading

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How Flash Storage Has Changed the Face of Enterprise IT

Enterprise-class IT, or enterprise IT as it’s commonly known, refers to a combination of the hardware and software systems that have been designed to fulfill the needs of large organizations. As its name suggests, this type of IT system is … Continue reading

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