Managing Thermal Systems During Winter

Winter is soon approaching and with it comes the concern of not just managing the drop in temperature, but also managing the low humidity that comes with it. Ensuring temperature and humidity control systems are set to the industry recommended … Continue reading

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Human Error and Data Center Maintenance

The most underrated force that leads to downtime or inefficiency in the data center is personnel. Even when systems are functioning optimally human error can lead to unexpected consequences due to carelessness or forgetfulness. As systems become more automated and … Continue reading

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Managing Data Center Power Costs

Providing energy to servers is a substantial part of a data center’s costs. In many cases this is due to servers running consistently at peak performance in preparation for peak capacity. This creates a lot of unnecessary expenditure as these … Continue reading

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Optimal Locations for a Data Center

With the increase in remotely performed operations, and the need for less work crew on site due to automated procedures, there are a wide range of locations that can be selected for construction of your data center. Below are some … Continue reading

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Industrial Machines Are Coming To The Cloud

According to Gartner, Inc 20.8 billion objects will have connectivity by 2020. The Internet of Things has been highly spoken of as the force behind this predicted growth in devices and data, but silently behind it the Industrial Internet of … Continue reading

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Protecting Data Center Hardware and Avoiding Unexpected Downtime

Ensuring hardware is protected from unexpected physical consequences is an essential and often overlooked part of maintaining a data center. The strategies below will reduce the risk of downtime and potential damage to hardware. Power Management The Uninterruptible Power Supply … Continue reading

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Why Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Is the Future of IT

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to develop, the wisdom of converged infrastructure is making more and more sense. The basic idea behind it, developed during the early days of device integration, was the idea that bringing together device … Continue reading

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Well-Maintained Cooling Equipment Helps Avoid Data Center Downtime

According to the Gartner Group, provider of technology related information and statistics, $5,600 a minute is the average cost of data center downtime, which amounts to a whopping $336,000 per hour. Obviously, this is devastating in terms of lost revenue … Continue reading

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Is Liquid Cooling Servers the Next Big Thing in Data Center Development?

Liquid cooling CPUs to enhance performance by enhancing the disposal of heat waste is not a novel concept. In one form or another, it has been growing in popularity for years. Traditional liquid cooling systems are set up to service … Continue reading

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Micro Data Centers Provide a Pivot Point for Data Cost Controls

For a number of years now, the move among IT departments at most major corporations has been toward consolidation, and much of the development of cloud infrastructure has revolved around making that kind of application offloading cost-effective for client corporations. … Continue reading

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